Well… I debated with myself as I wrote that.
Olatunji Jesutomisin

I agree that all life is inherently sacred and valuable, and any loss of life is regrettable, even when justified. I understand what you’re saying, and maybe this is semantics, I just don’t think injustice is an appropriate term as it implies there was a just outcome to be had. A police officer firing in self defense and killing someone is regrettable, but I wouldn’t say unjust.

It’s absolutely regrettable that the situation came to that, as it could certainly have been avoided, but once the situation exists I think there’s a right and wrong outcome. Using the term unjust seems to cast doubt on the appropriateness of the outcome.

Anyways, I don’t want to get too far into the weeds, I don’t think we really disagree. I raised the issue initially because I’ve seen far too many people still holding up the Michael Brown situation as evidence of black people being oppressed.

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