I don’t claim to have a solution, I just feel compelled to confirm that the bias exists when people…

I’m not insensitive to the fact that biases exist, i’m sure we’re all replete with them to some extent, but there are biases against everyone, from everyone. Do you not think there are myriad biases that men also encounter in their lives, societal expectations of masculinity and “appropriate” fields for men to go into? Do you not think that male nurses get tired of being snickered at? Do you not think it an unacceptable disparity that a loving father with no job is looked down upon as a failure, yet a single mother is the paragon female empowerment? Yes, women are unfairly judged throughout their lives, but so are men. For every so-called “issue” of the modern feminist movement, every apparent oppression, there are similar trials for men for any who care to look. Don’t like the traditional gender role of women having to tend the house? Well, how much do you think men like being assigned the traditional gender role of having to be the sole financial support for the family? I think i would’ve rather been a housewife then a coal-miner. Svetlana Voreskova made a good comment about there likely being a reason for men dying earlier, and it’s because they tend to be under much more stress. The expectations placed on them and the roles they undertake to meet them ensure they live stressful lives.

The point is, nothing is perfect, and there are issues facing everyone. So why not pursue egalitarianism instead of feminism? And please don’t tell me that feminism just means equality.

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