We all have implicit bias.
Dan Levinson

We all have implicit bias. I do, you do, it’s simply part of life, based on our personal experiences, our environment, and perhaps even our genetics.

I’m not really sure the statement that everyone has implicit bias really gets us anything. What would that mean? Everyone’s opinions about the world are shaped by their experiences, nothing occurs in a vacuum. There is no person who has completely isolated views of the world, having never been in contact with or experienced any of it. That doesn’t mean their opinions are biased, one could even make the argument that it makes their opinions informed. It’s an issue of language. If bias applies to everything then it doesn’t really mean anything, and devalues the use of the word when it would truly apply. In the same vein, calling everything racist or sexist takes away from those word’s use to address truly racist and sexist actions.

In no way, shape, or form did I ever equate “implicit bias” with “racism.” There’s a difference.

Well, what you actually said was “implicit racism.” It’s hard to blame him, considering how he was treated, but he needed to be the bigger man and — awful as it is to say — not hold their implicit racism against them.

So please, don’t put words in my mouth, and also, please don’t take my words out of context. In this case I was responding to someone who called a certain group of Trump supporters, “Bubbas,” and referred to their demographic being swept out to sea.

I entered the thread at your comment, so i don’t really know what came before. And i actually agree with the overall theme of that post, i merely took issue with the implicit racism comment, and used your words to do so.

I honestly think we’re on the same side of this argument.

For the most part i think so.

I also don’t think all conservatives vote that way because they’re unhappy with how America is changing demographic-wise. As far as I can tell, you seem to be a fiscal conservative, perhaps a libertarian.

Given the propensity for people to be judged and dismissed based on labels, which happens all too often here, i don’t tend to label myself, or even have a picture up. I’d rather let my ideas speak for themselves. As for demographics, I’ve probably only met a handful of conservatives who were upset about demographic changes. By and large, they don’t care, they focus on policy. It is, and almost always has been, the left who assigns people into monolithic groups. One need only witness the outrage when a black conservative speaks up about their beliefs, and are widely derided as a traitor and an “uncle Tom.” A conservative sees that person and says “hm, that person has an opinion”. A liberal sees that person and says “wtf, how can that person be going against his people?” Witness the vitriol spewed towards Peter Thiel for daring to be gay, and from the tech world, and a conservative. Witness the claims of internalized misogyny against Carly Fiorina for daring to be a woman who supported a party that doesn’t agree with abortion rights. Liberals like grouping people according to identities, which, generally, have little to do with policy. The right focuses on policy. The reason they have been so upset recently is because they don’t like the way the country is moving, which is primarily an economic argument.

These are, of course, generalities that will never hold universally true, but they tend to be the rule rather than the exception.

Again, I was responding to a very specific point against a very specific group of folks who are on record as being uncomfortable with the shifts in our country, but who I was arguing actually don’t deserve to be called racists, bigots, etc.

Fair enough. Again, i took issue with the implicit racism comment.

After all, liberals and conservatives both have implicit bias, and it is absolutely not the same as racism.

Biases exist on both sides, and conservatives are certainly not immune from them. However, again i would point out that liberal biases lead them to impute motive, which is not only silly because no one has any idea what someone else’s motives are, but also entirely counterproductive. Identity politics does nothing but stifle debate. Conservatives can indeed be equally vitriolic, but they “tend” to focus on policy, and, since this is politics we’re dealing with here, shouldn’t that be the point?

In fact, the liberal implicit bias against conservatives is a problem you yourself have highlighted in our conversations, and it is exactly the sort of thing I personally reject.

Fair enough, and I’ll give credit where it’s due. It’s that kind of attitude that allows us to have a discussion. Too many Medium commentors do nothing more than drive-by hit pieces, and never bother replying if you rebut.

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