Roundup (i.e., glyphosate) is a probable carcinogen and causes intestinal permeability, which results in natural and unnatural toxins in our food seeping out into our bloodstream rather than going through the digestive tract and being properly detoxed by our liver, etc.
The point you’re making about GMOs’ impact on biodiversity is a sound one, but I’m afraid you’re…
Traditional Tradesman

In general I agree with you. However, small correction, in order for toxins to reach the liver they must first be absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract, so bloodstream or liver is a false equivalency.

That’s why oral doses of medications are much higher than IV doses. The blood vessels supplying the digestive tract move on to pass through the liver prior to the rest of the body, leading to first pass metabolism whereby large amounts of the drug are broken down before reaching the rest of the body.

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