> What time was that? :P
John Smith

It is only recently that a noteworthy fraction of liberals have come out of the closet as being completely against liberty and free speech. Historically, liberals have valued liberty.

I think the first part of that statement is true. The second has generally been true in the social realm, less so in the economic realm where liberals push for greater government control.

As for ‘personal responsibility’, well that’s a matter of degree. You can support our current blend of capitalist/socialist approaches while still thinking that personal responsibility is fundamental. Many liberals have supported reigning in social programs when they get out of hand.

I don’t know, that may have been before my time. I haven’t really seen any liberal voices in the last 8 years calling for fiscal restraint when we’ve been running enormous budget deficits. I am heartened to see that more and more, classical liberals are rejecting the modern social justice, free speech deniers.

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