Republicans obstructing and traditional Democrats not getting it both contributed to action being taken in the second term instead of the first.
Republicans obstructing and traditional Democrats not getting it both contributed to action being…
Chris Cook

Republicans were incapable of obstructing for the first two years until they retook the House, so blaming any lack of activity prior to that on republican obstruction is fantasy.

I’m not conjecturing over anything, it was the OP who referred to Obama as an LGBT brother.

He eventually acted in the best interests of justice and equality within his position as President. That’s all he did and nothing more was necessary.

Seems to me like he responded to the shifting political winds rather than out of a desire for equity.

Trump is not a true conservative. But this does not magically make him liberal by default. Uhhh, swing and a miss on that one. It fails the logic test.

Swing and a miss on what? I never implied anything of the sort. Your comment fails the reading comprehension test.

I claimed that Trump was ‘more’ liberal on gay marriage than Obama was when he took office, and ‘more’ liberal than other Republican presidents on many issues. Surely you can see the use of the relative terminology?

And calling him the first accepting President is a reach

No it isn’t, not in the least. He accepted gay marriage upon entering the office, while no other president in history has ever done so. What is reaching about that?

If Obama didn t blaze that trail, do you honestly believe Trump would have stuck his neck out? Highly unlikely, and that’s being charitable.

Obama didn’t blaze the trail, you admitted as much when you admitted that he waited for enough of his peers to hold the position before coming out in favor himself. If you recall, the whole thing ended up being brought about by a slip of the tongue from Mr. Biden when he announced he was in favor of it before Obama, causing everyone to then put pressure on the president. He either had to come out in favor and look like he was following Biden’s lead, or remain opposed and contradict his VP’s stance. He decided to follow. Blazing a trail, that is not.

Regardless, seeing as how Trump was a liberal for most of his life, seemingly discovering conservatism when the opportunity to become president came about, I suspect he’s still mostly a liberal, and as such have no trouble doubting that he would not oppose gay marriage. What would make you think otherwise?

Also, see David Cearley ‘s response about Trump’s treatment of gays in the 90's.

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