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Sure, i’ll take a stab at a response since you ask many questions.

Why does NO ONE in America call out that Hillary Clinton’s emails didn’t impact us, while the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars negatively impacted the entire world?

Well for starters, since it’s known there were attempts to hack her server, and the FBI stated that if a hack had been successful in breaching her server than it’s not likely we’d be able to see any evidence of it, we simply don’t know whether her emails have impacted us. Add to that the fact that the current secretary of state admitted that he thought it likely the Russians or Chinese were probably attempting to hack into his emails, even though they are on more secure systems. He finds the threat credible enough that he purposefully considers the possibility when composing his emails. Add to that the fact that she has flat out lied about the issue from the beginning.

Rebutted claims as confirmed by the director of the FBI…

  1. Never sent or received classified information.
  2. Nothing “marked” classified sent or received.
  3. Used a single device. This was ostensibly the entire reason for using personal email and setting up the private server in the first place if you recall, for the convenience of using a single device. Except she lied about that.
  4. All work related emails returned to the state department.
  5. Claimed her lawyers read over all her emails individually, which was the basis for her initially refusing to turn the server over in the first place. She basically said “trust me” we released everything. False.

There’s more but those are the easily detailed ones. Now if you don’t think that negligent disregard for the security of information that has the highest possible classification is a problem, may i ask what exactly you look for in a leader? Also, if it’s not a problem, should we release all previous offenders and ignore future infractions? Because consistency.

Might this Benghazi scandal be a distraction of actual news?

No. Why does Benghazi matter? Because an American consulate was attacked and an American ambassador was murdered along with others. Because it directly reflects on her leadership. She was the one who sent the ambassador to Benghazi. When he repeatedly told the State department that the situation was unstable and getting worse, requesting additional security, the department, run by Hilary, ignored the requests. The Americans stood by in Benghazi with their thumbs up their butts while one by one the other western nations pulled out of their embassies entirely because the place wasn’t safe. But Hilary’s department left them out there hanging in the wind.

After one of her high-ranking employees had been murdered, arguably in part due to her department’s failure to respond to security requests, rather than address a nation in shock, she sent an underling out to relay a false narrative. Why didn’t she address the country herself? She was tired…

Our government new right away that this attack was carried out by an Al Qaeda related group, yet what were the American people told? That there was no planned attack. That it was a spontaneous demonstration because of a Youtube video.

Now this is where it ties into the emails, because since Hilary was forced to finally turn over her server we now know that she emailed her daughter at 11:12pm on 9/11. In this email she said “ Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an al Qaeda-like group”.

The next day on 9/12 she emailed the Egyptian Prime Minister and said “ We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack — not a protest”

But here’s the kicker. On 9/14, while speaking to the family members of the murdered Benghazi victims, she said “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.” Following that was “ We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted”, told to the father of one of the victims.

Come now, there is simply no conceivable way of denying that she is a flat out liar.

Supporters keep wanting to point out her experience, as if simply having a job means you’re qualified to something. How about we reflect on how well she actually did on that job?

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