I am a PTSD survivor and somehow you know more about PTSD than I do?
Salma Sitara

I am a PTSD survivor and somehow you know more about PTSD than I do?

This is a flawed, non-sequitor, inference. I never said anything remotely comparative regarding our understandings of PTSD. You asked me why i thought the OP was using disappointing hyperbole, and i gave you my reasoning, to which you respond saying i’m claiming to know more than you? That sounds like insecurity.

You can judge other peoples experiences and decide who can get PTSD and who can’t? are you god?

I’m not God, but i do have the ability to reason, and there’s a wealth of information available on PTSD these days, so we can certainly evaluate situations and determine whether they’re likely to have legitimately caused PTSD. Of course we’re speaking in generalities, so anecdotal rebuttals aren’t really worth much.

This is a mainstay approach of the left, talking in terms of experiences and saying that no one else has the ability to invalidate their experiences. True enough i suppose, but the problem becomes when they then extrapolate those experiences, which are internal, to create external modalities and impute motive to others. Just because you would “experience” white people as racist in a red state doesn’t mean they are. Just because the woman in that video “experienced” sexual assault, doesn’t mean she was. I have no problem accepting people’s interpretations of their experiences. However, since those experiences represent their interpretation of an incident that has been filtered through their biases and preconceived notions, and filtered through the veil of hurt that may have been experienced through previous traumas, i absolutely do have a problem blindly accepting when that person uses their experiences (internal) to describe reality (external).

I cannot argue with someone’s internal processing of an event, but i can argue their interpretation of the reality around them, a reality in which we both exist and experience. If i came on here and told you i had developed PTSD because i spilled my milk this morning, or a whole group of people developed PTSD because they saw someone swat a fly, would you similarly be respectful of our experiences and judge it likely we were telling the truth? Or would you rather feel that these claims devalued the horribleness you went through with your illness?

FYI, I do not experience all white people as hostile to me but I experience all Trump supporters as hostile to me because they are.

No, they’re not.

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