De-escalation training for cops.

  1. Yes, absolutely
  2. Possibly, depending on how they’re written and implemented.
  3. Yes, absolutely.
  4. Um, no. That’s just silly. Aside from reopening every case that’s already been dealt with, why would something like this be limited to blacks?
  5. No. Unarmed has nothing to do with anything. The presence of a threat is not tied to the presence of a weapon. Lethal force can and should be able to be applied to any situation where a potentially life threatening threat exists.
  6. How about reforming civil laws that allow ridiculous lawsuits to be filed against people who have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing? Why is it ok for someone to take a life in a situation where it was deemed to be legitimate self defense, cleared of any wrongdoing, yet still have to face a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit because of some predatory attorneys?
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