Okay Picasso, It’s Time to Stain Your Deck

Okay so you’ve weaved your way through all the home improvement tips and you’ve selected the best stain for your deck and now it’s time to apply it. Go for it. You may not be Rembrandt, but do use a few painting tips to make your stain appear more attractive.

  1. Use a bristle brush to apply the stain. (That’s easy enough!)
  2. Keep the moving edge of your stain application wet so that when you apply more stain you’ll be putting wet stain into wet. (No ugly lap marks, right?)
  3. If you’re staining a new deck, only apply one coat.
  4. If you’re staining a composite wood deck, follow the manufacturers instructions.
  5. If you’re staining any deck, don’t over apply the stain. Too much stain will delay the drying process and result in a thick coat that will crack and peel when exposed to moisture.

Got it? Go!