How digital marketing is manipulating you and why you should learn it

Many developers focus on the beauty of technical creation, where the main goal is to produce the desired features. However, I learned the hard way that if nobody is using your creation, then there is no point creating it. It’s a pure waste of time and energy. The solo developer that I am had to enhance its skills beyond programming, and especially towards digital marketing.

I will briefly explain in this article what are, from my point of view, the key points to focus on when creating any Advertisement promoting your product or service.


Market-ing is, simply said, the art of promoting your product/service into the market. A way better definition that I would suggest is the one given by the neuroscientist Idriss Aberkane in its French book “Libérez votre cerveau” : “the purpose of Marketing is to make the desire superior to necessity”.

So the art behind marketing is actually mastering psychological behavior of human beings. In other word, marketing experts are very skilled in “manipulating” the human mind by playing with one of its weaknesses, which is its insatiable desire.

I might be shocking by revealing this hard reality, but that is the conclusion I came up while studying this field.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing is simple all the online marketing effort you are making to connect with your prospective customers. And as you guessed, Social Media Marketing is a subset of Digital Marketing and focuses on the process of gaining attention through social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & so).

Give them a reason to click !

For any online advertisement that you will create, your main goal will be to make the prospective customer to click on your ad in order to redirect him to wherever you need (that might be the app store, your online shopping store or whatever).

But to get a user click on your ad, you have to give him a good reason, more specifically a psychological reason to click. The main ones are :

  • fear : that is an unpleasant emotion that you will try to avoid by any means. That is, if your ad plays with fear, it might convert well (example : “if you don’t click, then…”)

For anyone who considers himself as an humanist, using psychological means to achieve your goal is really unhealthy. But there is always a benefit to know how you can get trapped into being manipulated.

Key elements for your Ad copy

Ad copy is the jargon for saying ad text. Whenever you are filling in your Ad copy :

  • you have to write for the CLICK.


Don’t ever assume anything regarding your advertisement, always test multiple versions of an ad for the same purpose. As we have seen, marketing is highly focused on psychological behaviours. Fear seems to be the most influenced emotion in a human purchase decision. Indeed, people tend to resist buying products because they are scared of loosing money or making the wrong choice. The way you are presenting the value of your product should reduce that fear, or replace it by another psychological state.