How digital marketing is manipulating you and why you should learn it


Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Give them a reason to click !

  • fear : that is an unpleasant emotion that you will try to avoid by any means. That is, if your ad plays with fear, it might convert well (example : “if you don’t click, then…”)
  • scarcity : strangely, human being tend to act when any ressource is unsufficient for the demand. That is highly correlated to the survival instinct. That is, if your ad incorporate scarcity, it might convert well (example : “there is only # left…”).
  • curiosity : the human is by essence curious, that is a gift developed to learn and improve oneself. That said, curiosity is another interesting approach to convert (example : “you’ll never believe what happend”).
  • incentive : that will definitely encourage someone to act on something because the inner reason of incentive is to stimulate the investment (example : “I have # coupon for 50% off to give away”).
  • laugh : people are reacting positively to humour. If your ad can incorporate funny joke, it might bring attention to the user (example : “click to find out how the mouse hunted the cat”).
  • tell a story : storytelling is a communication method that particularly works well because it captures the attention of the customer through a story (example : “how 2 kids build a million dollar company”)
  • urgency : when you create a sense of Urgency, it pushes the user to act NOW, because you are offering a time limited deal (example words : “limited time, only, today, hurry, act now, rush, last chance…”)

Key elements for your Ad copy

  • you have to write for the CLICK.
  • focus on one and only one thought.
  • promise a benefit, not how they will get it. Indeed, what the customer will get is more important than how it works.
  • power question : asking a question might retain attention better than affirmation because they engage the user and make him feel part of the conversation! It also diverts their attention from the fact that they see an ad.
  • create a sense of urgency : we saw previously how urgency pushes the user to act now.
  • show scarcity as scarce is definitely felt as more valuable.





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