In this article, we will go straight to the point for creating a typescript project from scratch, with Jasmine as a unit test framework, and webpack as a source bundler. The tutorial will be explained step by step with relevant commands.

Initially, my need was to have an easy typescript project setup so I can quickly implement any idea or train with a TDD (Test Driven Development) approach. But I couldn’t find a single and easy tutorial out there. Many of them were useless, confusing or time consuming. Confusing because lots of unnecessary dependencies are often required to be installed…

Fin 2019, j’ai eu l’opportunité de me rendre aux Etats-Unis pour un voyage professionnel. Quitte à parcourir autant de km, j’en ai profité pour organiser un roadtrip de 4jours, en parcourant des sites d’exceptions et des paysages à couper le souffle. Je ne vous cache pas que l’organisation et l’optimisation d’un tel parcours m’a prit un certain temps, raison pour laquelle j’ai décidé de partager ce voyage avec vous, notamment les lieux à visiter, les logements où résider, les distances à parcourir… Mon périple me réserva également quelques surprises, notamment une super tempête de neige, brutale, polaire et d’une intensité…

In the era of cloud services on demand, you may ask : why bothering to dockerize your app while you can deploy your frontend on a static AWS S3 hosting, your backend on lambdas, your API on AWS API gateway and your database on RDS ? Simply because it’s worth knowing how easy it is to actually create a fullstack app and deploy it all on a single hosting using docker compose orchestration.

For my side projects, I’m using a very basic hosting provider which is a dedicated server for less than few bucks a month running ubuntu server. I…

Many developers focus on the beauty of technical creation, where the main goal is to produce the desired features. However, I learned the hard way that if nobody is using your creation, then there is no point creating it. It’s a pure waste of time and energy. The solo developer that I am had to enhance its skills beyond programming, and especially towards digital marketing.

I will briefly explain in this article what are, from my point of view, the key points to focus on when creating any Advertisement promoting your product or service.


Market-ing is, simply said, the art…

Recently, one of my close relative wanted to install a security plan into his house using a CCTV solution (closed circuit television aka video surveillance). We got some quotations which were clearly out of budget for us (the lowest price was 1300€, including 4 cameras, a NVR box and the setup).

My challenge was to cut the price at least by 2, including the hardware, the software and the setup. The underlying benefit is also to explore and to learn.

Key Take aways

I like starting with the take aways first so you can read further the details if interested.

  • Don’t use a…

Cet article est le premier d’une série (TakeAway) dans laquelle je vous fournis les résumés des livres que je lis, ou bien des podcasts que j’écoute. Les contenus lus/écoutés dans la langue d’origine seront résumés dans cette même langue.

Je trouve qu’un ouvrage, quel qu’il soit, apporte souvent du ‘bruit’ orbitant sur l’information de valeur, faisant perdre non seulement du temps, mais aussi de l’énergie. D’où le sens de ma démarche.

Résumer un contenu est un exercice particulièrement complexe. Ce que je publie ici est un condensé affiné, dans le but d’en extraire la substance essentielle.

Bonne lecture.

Vers La sobriété heureuse — Pierre Rabhi (Livre)

Devenir propriétaire est la préoccupation de bon nombre de français et françaises. Que ce soit pour y habiter ou en tant qu’investissement locatif, cet acte est perçu comme une réussite et un accomplissement personnel, le tout conditionné par la conscience collective. Le besoin de sécurité qui en découle satisfait artificiellement l’égo alors que c’est souvent au prix d’un lourd endettement (plafonné au tier des revenus) ainsi que d’un engagement sur une durée très conséquente (généralement plus de 20 ans, soit un quart de vie en moyenne).

Néanmoins, assouvir son besoin de propriété avec peu d’économie est possible et bien souvent…

In this article, we will dive into the process of flashing Zephyr™OS into the NXP Freedom-K64F (aka FRDM-K64F) board. This board is an ultra low cost development board powered by a Cortex M4 Core and compatible with the Arduino™ R3 pin layout (if you want to add a shield and easily plug sensors).

Environment setup

First of all, go through this first article on how to setup your development environment on your Mac.

Debug Tool

Your Freedom K64F board comes with a serial and debug adapter called OpenSDA. …

As stated in the documentation, The Zephyr™ Project is a scalable real-time operating system (RTOS) supporting multiple hardware architectures, optimized for resource constrained devices, and built with security in mind.

In this tutorial, we are going show how to cross compile, from our Mac environment, this Zephyr™ Operating System for an ARM target architecture using GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain.

GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain

First of all, download the GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain for Mac OS which is currently the 2017-q4-major release.

Then, install the toolchain in your home /opt directory, as follow :

$ mkdir -p “${HOME}”/opt
$ cd “${HOME}”/opt
$ tar xjf ~/Downloads/gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major-mac.tar.bz2
$ chmod -R…

If you are a developer, chances are that you are using APIs that requires authorization to be used. That is especially the case with most of the Google APIs. So, you should at least be familiar with OAuth2.

The aim of this article is not to describe what OAuth2 is (there are dozens of literature on it), but simply a reminder of the standard, and pointers on how to use Google OAuth2 Playground which is a super easy interactive demonstration tool using Google APIs.

OAuth 2, reminder


OAuth2 is not an authorization protocol, it’s a secure delegated access protocol. …

Turhan Oz

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