Data Security in Information Extraction Services

turicode Inc.
May 20, 2019 · 2 min read
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Software as a Service (SaaS) is very advantageous as it offers real time processing with easy, frequent updates and overall great service. However, our customers are rightfully concerned about the security of their data as it is often their most important asset. turicode is aware of this and therefore processes sensitive customer data based on the highest security standards. Here is how we deals with it.

Our Servers

Your dedicated services run on our internal serves or on a trusted, Swiss Data Centre provider who is ISO certified and FINMA approved. Like this we can cater to the highest security requirements while making use of all the advantages cloud-based solutions bring.

Our Encryption

Our customers transfer their data via SSL to us, where every document receives a unique encryption key which is partially derived from the document itself. After the document is processed and the extracted data is encrypted, the original document is deleted immediately from our servers. This means that turicode does not store any customer documents after they have been processed, neither can turicode access the extracted data. The customer can then download the structured data during a defined time period. In case this period has passed, the ownership of the document needs to be re-established by the customer by uploading the document again in order to decrypt and read the output.

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Your Data

Your data belongs to you. Therefore, turicode does not store the documents you process and cannot read what is extracted from your documents because of the encryption mechanism explained above. With this set up in place, we can ensure that your data is protected and secure while using our extraction services.

turicode is very conscious of the fact that data must be handled with care and the highest possible security measures. Should you have any more questions or concerns let us know and we are happy to answer them.

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