The James Golick Grant for Women in Computology

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Jul 18, 2016 · 2 min read

Being passively inclusive isn’t enough.

James Golick, an advocate for diversity in the tech industry, knew.

“We need to actively recruit and mentor women until we reach critical mass,” he wrote in a blog post.

Maybe it was the love for his sister, Marlee, or his love for people that drove him.

“James could talk to anyone and once he had, he never let you go,” his mother, Jill Golick, wrote in a blog post.

In 2014, James Golick died tragically in a car accident during a visit to Mexico.

To honor him, his family and friends created The James Golick Grant for Women in Computology.

The grant is designed to help women advance their careers as developers.

Angela Lindow, a mother of three and a current student, was the first Turing School recipient of the grant. She is graduating in November 2016.

“We are incredibly impressed by everything about the Turing School,” said Ms. Golick.

“We were delighted to play a small part in helping Angela Lindow attend because we think her tenure at Turing could change her life forever.

Representatives from the James Golick Grant search for women, like Angela, who need additional support for tuition, childcare, conference travel or any other challenge they might face.

“We are extremely thankful for this grant,” said Jorge Téllez, Director of Growth & Operations at Turing School. “We will honor James Golick’s life by continuing his fight for diversity.”

For more information about the James Golick Grant, please contact Jill Golick at

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