Resources to Search for a Job online in Turkey

There are many ways you can look up job opportunities in Turkey. You can use any of the following resources to search online work in Turkey:

#1 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular website that you can easily land a job. It is recognized worldwide and it is one place most employers like to visit. It allows you to post your profile which you can edit from time to time to suit emerging job opportunities. You can include the names of different referees and their contact. You also include a profile picture, a short description of yourself as well as the area of your specialty. You can also include your contact information so that you can be contacted in case of a job opportunity.

#2 National Job Search Sites

There are also many National Job Search Sites which lists the most current job opportunities. These websites include the job description as well as the job requirements. Most jobs have links so that the job seekers can apply the job online. These websites include, indeed, and many more. There is no limit in the number of jobs you can apply as long as you have time to apply. These websites have filters that you can use to choose specific jobs that suits your profession. You also have an option of subscribing to regular emails that informs you of the current openings in your profession. You can set the frequency of these alerts such that you get these emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also upload your resume so that potential employers can have a look at it before contacting you.

#3 Craigslist

The other place that you can apply for a job is the Craigslist. The website has unique content for each country. If you are based in Turkey you will have local jobs listed but you can also choose the option of looking for a job outside Turkey. The Craigslist website for Turkey is Here you can get a list of most of the job openings within your locality as well as jobs within Turkey and outside Turkey.

#4 Company Websites

Most companies in Turkey have Career tabs included in their website. The available job opportunities are listed here so that any interested candidate can apply. Most companies have a database of all applications that have been made so that if you miss out in earlier opportunity you have a chance to be selected if another job opportunity comes about. You can regularly visit the website of a company you are interested in so that you don’t miss out on any job opportunity listed.

#5 Be Active

You should always have an active mobile phone and check your email address regularly so that you don’t miss out on an interview or a job offer. Most employers will not bother to call you twice in case you are unreachable at that moment. You should include at least two contact numbers that employers can use to contact you. Most employers call potential candidates during daytime, but you should not be surprised if you get a call at night.

Other Relevant Resources:

Nasser Qaedi is the CEO & Founder of TurkeyTalent.Com, an English language job listings portal in Turkey. He works for connecting employers and job seekers in Turkey and for other Middle East countries. He is providing an opportunity for potential employees to showcase their talent and for employers to profile their opportunities via Turkey’s largest job search portal name TurkeyTalent.Com. He lives in Bahrain. Get in touch with Nasser Qaedi on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and MySpace.

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Originally published at on October 14, 2014.

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