Tug of love…

Show me a man

Who hasn’t suffered

As consequence


Yanking and Pulling

On this golden

Thread of love,

And I will show you

A cock

With a dozen feet.

This thread lit With flames.

Flames that

Burn and destroy,


Like any other


You decide

Your fate

Depending on

How you play…

The legendary

Tug of love.

A game invented

For all

But fit for those

Who are strong.

A game for fighters,

Fighters who are

Uncertain of what

Lies at the end of

This line

But still persist


It has been

A lifeline

From infancy.

Love knows

No boundaries

I’m told,

Love knows

No boundaries,

I know.

Doesn’t matter

Whether mutual

Or nonreciprocal

Everyone keeps

Fighting to win.

Love is true,

Love is kind,

But love is

Not blind.

Love sees


And holds on

To it,

Love loves

For no reason

But love.

In the end,

Amidst all

The struggles

And quarrels,

We all deserve

To be truly


No strings


Just a rope

To keep us


All we need is