Clean Up Rouse Hill game for kids to encourage recycling in Rouse Hill

Video game proposal focused on kids

Title: cleaning up the hills

Topic: recycling, keeping it clean and safe

Location: rouse hill

Issue: In the rouse hill district many locations such as the rouse hill oval and some of the other community locations have been identified as too dangerous to enter, due to the excessive amount of over filling and overcrowded rubbish as other harmful chemicals may be inside.

In order to find a simple resolution for this issue starting with the younger age group is essential in order to create a progressive system, overtime hopefully all ages will be reached.

Characters: Male character Marvin Manning or Female character Sammy Sam and Rouse Rubishy

Game format: cartoon style game for local school councils and through school websites.

Availability: as mentioned school websites are the initial process of this proposal however the main objective is to allow a constant connection between kids via the game, in order to allow kids to collaboratively learn throughout the game and connect.

Important message of the game: Cleaning up the hills is a different approach to recycling for children rather than typical instructional videos and explanations. Children and students in our community don’t seem to understand what may happen when leaving the smallest piece of rubbish in our streets.

Research has shown kids in today’s digital literacy expansion, that many toddlers to gown children pay higher attention to visual stimulation thus particularly the best possible method to communicate messages for kids is through gaming. The Reading Rainbow app is a great example and is also the most downloaded app and most viewed video on YouTube.

“We can show them how our community areas look now and then playfully explain how keeping it clean can benefit their lifestyle”.

This game is focused on being released on local school websites and possibly a small comic strip on school newsletters. Essentially allowing this game to appear in the extracurricular activity list for classwork is a great start.

Objects: Rubbish (cans, glass, wrappers. etc.), trees (typical setting of our local areas, mostly identical), appearance materials as reward system, Bins and footpaths.

Introductory Narrative:

Rouse Rubishy: hey, look at this mess at our oval, you and I play here all the time, what’s happened I can’t even stand the smell of the mixed up rubbish. We need to start being considerate of our community and make sure it’s always looking perfect for us.

Marvin or Sammy: so what do I do with this wrapper? I don’t want to through it to the ground, I play here.

Rouse Rubishy: good thinking, waste can be very harmful to small animals because they can eat it and even chock from it. Keeping Rouse hill clean means we are always safe from dirty rubbish.

Marvin or Sammy: So where does all our waste go then?

Rouse Rubishy: Great question, not all the things we throughout are rubbish we can even recycle some.

Marvin or Sammy: Recycled? I think I saw a picture of it at school and the shops

Rouse Rubishy: you sure have hehe, it means it’s a form of rubbish that can be used again

Rouse Rubishy: click on the empty drink can, to squash it, so we can also not only help our community but also save space in our bins. We don’t want to make a mess around a messy bin.

Rouse Rubishy: Great Job!

(Map of Rouse Hill Appears)

The Birdseye view above is a map of the accessible areas, each school will be provided a different allocation of the map to keep it much more relevant and accurate to allow students to personally and thoughtfully connect to the message.

After players select their location, a visual image of the street will appear. The visual image will display various rubbish and bugs crawling around. Players will then start click on the objects such as paper rubbish and then move it to the dedicated allocation in the recycle bins. Each selection will provide a description on how recycling the particular item can make a positive effect on the environment and especially how it benefits our community. After the area is clean the player will be awarded points.

Player Selection

Male Character Marvin Manning or Female Character Sammy Sam
Rouse Rubishy

Completing essentials of the game

Once the learning process of the game is completed a video will appear to explain what happens with the rubbish once it’s full.


Male character: What happens to all the bins after its full?

Rouse Rubishy: Well once it’s full it means all our cans, bottles and papers are not just left in our community and make a smelly and ugly mess. But once completed it will be collected by our Hills Council and then turn into other useful items that you may even use sometime.

Rouse Rubishy: but except for plastic as you know, it’s always a good idea to not use too much because it can’t be used again.

Main character: Awesome!

Rouse Rubishy: Good job you have become a community helper, now that means you have learnt enough to sort out your own rubbish in class soon.

Rouse Rubishy: here’s 5000 RRC (Rouse Recycle Coins) you can now buy awesome cloths for yourself and even start to look even cooler for your community.

Rouse Rubishy: check and see how your friends have done. Or even check there score.

Rewarding System:

As kids achieve points they can gather reward points or “RRC” and spend it at community events, however the only even where kids can spend and also “earn” points is at the Clean Up Rouse Hill Event.

This approach is to increase the existence of the thought of keeping a healthier and cleaner rouse hill.

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