Property-based testing and living styleguides in October meetup

This past summer, we’ve had a couple of new companies starting offices in Turku. This month we got to visit the first of them as we hosted the October meetup at Vincit’s brand new Turku office.

As we are still a young meetup, we are constantly learning and adapting. Based on some feedback we’ve gotten lately (and the ever-increasing demand for the meetup), we decided to increase the amount of people we are getting in and making the events even more packed. Over 30 people joined us in the meetup with two fantastic talks and some special treats.

Aki Salmi opened the night with his talk and live-coding session about property-based testing. These tests define the outputs of the code and runs a large amount of tests with varying / random inputs to see how those properties are holding up.

You can find Aki’s code for the live-coding session in his Github.

Back in the early 2010s, when we were in the beginning of our studies at university, Aki used to be the powerhouse of the developer community in Turku. His events such as Turku Agile Day and Turku Software Craftsmanship meetups were our first touch to meetups and conferences and a huge inspiration for when we decided to start Turku ❤ Frontend meetups two years ago. It was awesome to have Aki joining us.

During the break, we got to experience something bit different as Entis was giving us a taste of the future with their chocolate and honey flavored house crickets.

Our second speaker of the night, James Stone, moved to Turku from the sunny California just a few weeks ago. He gave an excellent talk about living styleguides. You have probably seen them in action at sites like Bootstrap or Skeleton.

A living styleguide combines HTML with live example and documentation. Instead of just defining the colors and logo usage, you build a documentation that defines the usage of different kinds of elements and the CSS classes needed to implement them.

You can find James’ slides from his Slideshare:

We want to thank Vincit for hosting, Aki and James for the talks and Entis for the tasty crickets. Next meetup will be hosted with Arado at SparkUp on Thursday 23.11. 17–19. The registration will open next week.

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PS. We’re building something bigger for next October. Much bigger. Keep your eyes open!