Hello Spring

It was winter, last winter to be exact — Nov 28 to be precise, when this photo was leaked on the twittersphere:

Perhaps the anticipation was high. Perhaps not. But one thing’s for sure, the ambition was higher than anything I could have anticipated. Needless to say, this ‘re-theming‘ led to a 2 month hiatus, followed by a 1 month infatuation with opencv, culminating in a 3 week coding sprint, rocky-style:

… it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; That’s how winning is done!

As you can tell, this next update is going to be a next-big-thing sort of deal in comparison to previous updates. And believe it or not, there were still a bunch of features I couldn’t even get to (not everything can be canonized). But the features that did make it have set a solid foundation for the updates yet to come.

And when will it be released? As of writing this, the app is under review in the iTunes Store. I decided to write a modest note about the updates so as to not alarm the reviewers.

Organizes verses by topics so that you can create several studies. Also allows you to read the bible in more bible translations. New note taking feature helps to capture your thoughts as you read/study.


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