I Am NOT Special (and neither are you)

Every time something doesn’t go according to plan, I feel let down.

Let down by what / who… well that depends.

Maybe it’s a ‘someone’ who lets me down.

Maybe it’s me.

Maybe it’s society, or mother nature, or happenstance.

Maybe it’s the mere act of life not doing what it should be.

Whatever the weather, I feel let down.

I’m angry, low, fed up, scared, worried, and doubtful.

A swarm of emotions attack me, and I just wish that things would work out.

‘Why can’t everything just work for once,’ I think.

‘Do I not deserve a break?’ I’ll say.

And would you like to know the answer to that…


No, I do not deserve a break.

Because I am not special. I do not deserve a free pass. I am not above failure or hardship or anything else.

I am a human-being who does human-being things.

Life happens to me each day. Sometimes good stuff goes down, sometimes less than good stuff occurs. It is what it is, and at no point am I owed a damn thing.

I do not deserve success just because I try hard. I do not deserve the desired outcome just because I want it.

I am not special.

I am not better than you.

And guess what… you ain’t special, either.

You are no better than me.

We are just human-beings doing human-being things.

“They” say millennials are entitled and given a free ride. We’re selfish and away with the fairies. We don’t know what responsibility looks like.

Well guess who says this… people who are NOT millennials.

They are placing themselves on a pedestal, and we millennials do the same thing.

We turn our noses up on each other.

We think we’re better than one another.

We assume our problems are more important.

We presume that we have it harder than everyone else.

We are lost in our own heads; our own bullshit; our own self-made fantasies. And this does not make us bad people.

After all, the one thing we all have in common is that we are imprisoned within our own heads every single minute of every single day.

Of course w’re going to create these biased outlooks.

Of course we’re going to have a selfish vision of our own selves.

There is nothing wrong with this. Like my buddy Scott Oldford says, “it’s okay to drink your own Kool-Aid, just don’t swim in it.”

Now, I’m from the UK so I have no idea what Kool-Aid is, but I think it’s some kind of sugar water.

But I get his point, and I hope you do, too.

We can lose ourselves in ourselves. This is fine. This is expected, seen as we spend so much time with… “us”.

But the moment you swim in it and believe it…

That’s when you have a problem!

This is when you kid yourself into thinking you’re special.

This is when you start assuming you are going through things that nobody else is.

As though no one else is stressed, scared, fearful, worried, guilt-ridden, angry, fed up, confused, and whatever else.

Are you kidding m?!? We’re all fucking stressed, scared, fearful, worried, guilt-ridden, angry, fed up, confused, and whatever else.

Because life be life. It throws up curveballs like nothing else.

It doesn’t prejudice you, though. It isn’t out to get you. It hasn’t earmarked you for special treatment.

And it hasn’t earmarked you for the other type of special treatment (the silver-spoon special treatment).

You are not special. You are not owed a damn thing.

I am not special. I am not owed a damn thing.

Both you and I… we’re human-beings doing human-being things. That’s it. That is all.

So when you next feel hard done by (or whatever other emotion) fine. Feel it. Don’t feel bad for feeling. It’s natural. It’s what humans do.

Just don’t swim in it.

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