Yesterday I realised something absolutely insane

I’ve spent more time in this century than the last.

That’s right.
I was born in 1984.
That’s 16 years in the 19th century.

And here we are, about to enter 2018.
That’s nearly 18 years in the 21st.

Where did the time fly?
Where did the years go?

I don’t feel old, per se.
But I also don’t feel young.

Those first 16 years passed by in a good pace.
Not slow. Not fast. Just as you would expect.

But the last 17 years… whoosh.

I recall the turn of the millennium well.
It does not seem like half a lifetime ago.
But in terms of my lifetime so far, it has been.

I cannot quite fathom it.
I cannot quite understand it.

2009 seems like a recent memory.
I was in business school, doing my masters.

I was an adult back then, but with my life ahead of me.

I still feel like that.
Only… that period was almost a decade ago.

Not true.
It can’t be.

It is.

Soon, I’ll be a father to two kids.
I’ve worked for myself for five years now.

These days, everything goes so fast.

It’s like I’m sat on the remote, and pressing the fast forward button by mistake. Scenes and seasons come and go.

One after another after another.
Moment after moment after moment.

I look at my son, not a hint of baby remains.

It makes me realise how fleeting this life is.
How our time is now.
Not back then.
Not sometime soon.

This is it.

It doesn’t have to be special.
Not every moment can be.
But every moment counts.
They all matter.

And if recent history is anything to go by…
… those moments will pass faster and faster.

A life lived in fast-forward, whether you choose to or not.

Once, when we were kids, entire summers seemed to last forever.

Today, as adults, they are gone before we realised they arrived.

This is it.
This is life.

Right now.

Be thankful.
Be grateful.
Be generous.

Be you.

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