Pre Remote Year Prep

Phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls. Calls to your banks about travel plans, no card freeze please! Calls to your health insurance for prescription overrides which the rat bastards won’t do for more than 3 months of birth control despite hours and hours pleading for coverage (and varying answers depending on the person, “oh yes we can do a year long override” to “oh yes we can do six months” to “I’m sorry ma’am we can only do 3 months.” WTF!!) Calls to your phone provider to figure out travel coverage that won’t rack up thousands of dollars in data roaming. Did I mention I hate phone calls with automated systems? I said “speak with a representative” and you know it robot!

Immunizations, shots, shots, and lots of rehydrating salts for the dreaded but inevitable traveler’s diarrhea that most certainly will happen at some point(s) with my weak stomach.

Donating stuff, selling stuff, packing stuff. This is a big move, reduction before nostalgia. The hardest was selling my Nishiki bike, a fond reminder of an ex-boyfriend; his birthday present to me, and a constant companion for cruiser rides around the streets of Denver.

Last minute orders on Amazon prime. 3 in the morning panic- I still need to order a surge protected universal charger! 2 day shipping is a lifesaver.

Goodbyes to friends squeezed into these last minute arrangements. These are the most difficult part of preparing to leave. It seems like no matter how well you plan you won’t be able to say au revoir to all your friends. And denial. Denial that it will be over a year before you see them again.

Aside from all these logistic annoyances, sheer excitement. So much excitement- rippling on the edges of your anxiety: will I wrap up all my loose ends before my flight early Saturday morning? This new adventure is only 3 days away. Amid the hectic preparations, mindfulness of gratitude for time in Denver, and anticipation of what’s to come.

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