Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

A very well written essay, and for me, very apt. My wife was recovering from surgery and two of her friends from church came over to visit. After I got them some fresh vegetables and jamaican drinks, I left them to their devices. They cheered up my wife, and spoke at length about how wonderful America was in the past. I began to understand what they were teaching my wife, who had also become incredibly intolerant in her new time at this Church of Latter Day Saints. I asked if the realization that one of the nominees was boasting of sexual assault — would change their vote. Their first reaction was “I didn’t hear it.. “ .. and then, they made sure I learned exactly why Hillary Clinton was so awful. The specifics are interesting… “Did you know she got a child rapist to go free?” … well, actually, yes, she was a court appointed defender at the dawn of her legal career and one particularly difficult case involving child molestation happened to be one that she won for her client. And 8 million kids have healthcare because of her, in her later career accomplishment. My question was.. “So, is Hillary Clinton’s ability to fight for her client and win a case in court, somehow saying she’s condoning or bragging about sexual assault” . Well, No. Came the reply… but… and again, by induction you slowly start to learn that this woman is in fact building a case in her head for why women are not allowed to be President.

I told her.. Did she know any other Trump supporters? And yes, it was funny because today being the day that it is they don’t actually say they’re Trump supporters as much as they just tell you how they’re not going to vote for Hillary. … But they were Trump supporters. … So I asked them if they knew any more, to which they responded yes.

I pointed to the door and said. Tell them to stay away from my home, and my daughter.

Keep Your Police State Republicans The Hell Away From My Daughter.



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