An Open Letter to the FCC

Yes, the picture is just there to try to catch your eye. My problem is I’ll stare at it all day long and never look up. She’s a writer here on medium. Can someone tell me her name? I need to give credit. Like. Alot of credit.

Let’s talk about Net Neutrality.

I am a founder of a Technology Research and Development Company, and a former Network Engineer. Network neutrality is vital for a stable architecture for the coming internet of things. It is crucial to network design and is a part of network best practices. To destroy it would be to destroy the fabric of not only a network but also a community of people who donate their time and energy in an open source movement to keep the network safe, and secure. The internet is a national asset, crucial for defense of our country . It came from the Defense Advanced Research Projects group — and it is a taxpayer funded miracle that seemingly ever is in danger of being spammed to death by corporations. Please preserve net neutrality, the character of the net and in so doing — the essential spirit of the entire internet community, that we may build upon it an internet of things and a future architecture more suitable to higher speed. The internet , if it were a highway — would be an autobahn. Those who seek to pretend to tell you they’re building “fast lanes” are really just putting up speeding cones in the middle of the road and then robbing everyone who pulls over. Please do not allow this. The internet connection I buy, should be one I can check. Not some amorphous cloud entity . The very origin of the movement against net neutrality centered in a court decision that Comcast attempted to use to justify throttling anyone on their network that wanted to watch Netflix. The entire effort to kill network neutrality is as crooked as the deal they forced Netflix to follow by, where Netflix had to pay for the network upgrades of Comcast. Total bullshit. Bottom line: This Bernie Sanders supporter says. Keep network neutrality. The Trump appointed corporate lobbyist, Ajit Pai — now taking the FCC in this so called “pro business” direction is just being bought off by Russian dark money. Let the move against net neutrality succeed, and as a professional, a business leader, a former physicist, a father, and a citizen of the great United States of America I promise you that kind of anti-best practices crap will do more damage to the net than a bomb. Let’s keep up the practice of best peering to each other. And avoid ghost soldiers of the revolution that will rise up out of their grave and kill us all in our sleep.