The One Enemy

A vasty nothingness

shrieked his name amongst themselves

nervous feather, beak and fang calling one to another

And so he came

half human army tearing out trees

a black wave

poisoning water

and air

destroying all he touches

and grabs


and those who followed him called his name came first.

and knelt

a horde

that raised their sword

cheering him on always

but when the truth is found

to be lies

they lay down and smile

like dogs

trusting blind

with soft eyes

And so began the nothing

at first, a swamp — rising up above the white column of washington

flooding into arlington

and we stood

watching wraiths turn just below the surface of the water

like a cold chicago wind

they rose and began

to fall in

perfect formation

Musket bare

Sword by side

Tommy polished , iron sights

Into this world were thrown

With names like Sarge



When you march, you will feel them at your side

Some smile,

some cry

If you are an enemy of the one enemy

You are a friend of mine

To all who are an enemy of the one enemy

I am your friend

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