Trump Shaker: A Scandal Reality Check.
Dave Pell

Honestly, I did feel a little worse after watching the Town Hall.

But I overcame it with peals of laughter, as an IT professional and computer guy … when someone goes on and on about “acid washing your emails… and this is a very expensive process”.

Fucking Bleachbit, it’s just a safe delete program. It’s not a “very expensive process” it’s fucking open source security, good security in fact. Glad we had a secretary of state Department that was secure, Debbie Wasserman Shulz’ idea of DNC security sure has been a laugh.

But it’s a program, man. And then … She says it… America will be the next Clean Energy Superpower. That there is a place for a Clean Energy Superpower in the World, and America will be the first Clean Energy Superpower.

Holy fuck I just love saying that.

And then you know, I really just get it. I get the power behind healthcare reform, and the ideas of Lincoln, and lives getting better… and I understood all at once why Bernie never said anything evil about Hillary in the Campaign. And then I went through every one of her fucking Wall Street Speeches.

Come on. Let’s get this election over. It’s time for the pack of watchdogs to which I gladly belong, gets to work to keep the most progressive platform in the history of the Entire United States of America… to become the template of the memory of the first Woman President, to be that of a dawn of progressive politics.

One that will be fertilized from the ashes of the Republican Party, today here killed by Former Secretary of State , Hillary Rodham Clinton, and former Jesuit Missionary, Sen. Tim Kaine…

Just ask the question. How can you defend (insert shithead statement here) . ? And then watch them abandon their campaign appointments.

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