I was for Bernie. Now I’m with her. Why I am ready for a woman to be my next president.

I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. I phone banked, went to campaign headquarters, helped them to set up. I put up signs, canvassed. My neighborhood went strong for Bernie in a state that completely went the other way . There were more Bernie Supporters in my neighborhood than anywhere else in my state. I have a head full of memories and a heart full of good feelings about Bernie Sanders, and I still follow him.

I am also a math guy. I knew that Bernie had a chance, even though the news media entertainers were doing everything they could to pretend he didn’t. I also knew that after Bernie lost California, he was done. But I was proud he held on and fought for the most progressive platform we’ve ever seen.

And so I should say, to begin with — this is the reason why I will now work just as hard and go just as far to get Hillary Clinton elected. Hillary listened. She changed her position. And sure, there’s this “whichhillary” game you can play about all of her previous positions but it overlooks an important point: Hillary changed for the better on nearly all of them, and she didn’t go back.

I believe that Bernie Sanders will be remembered for starting a political revolution. Did it get away from him? The news media entertainer snark aside, yes. And for all the right reasons.

It was never about one single person. It was about a way of moving forward, a way of becoming a progressive. When Hillary didn’t support these positions — she claimed that she was a ‘progressive who gets things done’. But the magic of Hillary is that she learned, she listened. People seem to want to criticize this fact — but it is the cornerstone of democracy itself. I am voting for a President that will express the will of the American people, democratically. In Hillary, I find someone who was willing to say — right from her nomination acceptance speech — that we will, as a country — do away with Citizens United.

No big deal, you say? Not so. Doing away with Citizens United is a big step to getting the cryptomonarchy out of our country. We are living in a creeping police state. Stop the payoff, and the bribery — and you will take a big step forward.

And it should be said that the very purpose of an elected official is to listen to the people they represent. After the work we’ve done for Bernie Sanders — I feel the next move is to elect Hillary , and I feel really good about that.

She comes across differently than Bernie. It’s pretty obvious she likes to work from behind the scenes. In doing my homework, I find a wealth of well written material by her — she is very intelligent, very focused. And now, in this General Election home stretch — I see something that she used to have around her friend, Vince Foster. A sense of happiness.

I think our true motivations for doing what we do, all of us — is really a bit of a hidden game. For Bernie, it was clear that he wanted to start a revolution. And he did. But for Hillary, I feel that the concept of Washington being a place that ruins people — and an America that helped her own mother to become a great person — is something she truly believes she can help. I think she sees, and feels — everything around her now. I see a growing awareness in her — and a sense of happiness. She has chosen a great running mate — a true progressive in the most important sense of the word, and a good man — and she is hurtling now towards a place of power that she honestly just can’t wait to arrive — and then get to work. When Hillary says she’ll change things in the first 100 days of her presidency, you can believe this.

And sure, as a Bernie Sanders supporter — I’m still working for the revolution. I see the candidacy and the presidency of Hillary Clinton as a huge step forward in that revolution. I listen to her. I wait for her to say real things about real policies, and not just campaign slogans. And when she has the courage to excite us all by giving us the gift of the specific, and the ability she has to take changes on issues like universal healthcare — I feel that I have a place to work again.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are a team — and they’re a good team. Just as I was proud that our American system attracted a man like Bernie Sanders to run for President, I am also deeply proud that Hillary and Tim are drawn to lives of public service. Her presidency will be historic, the change she is contemplating is profound.

The convention is now a recent memory. But in my mind’s eye I see a woman in white clothing, standing before a crowd of thousands. And where she goes now, the crowds continue to grow. She has adopted, transformed and grown in her platform and has earned the right to be called progressive. Not just “progressive who gets things done” , but, simply. Progressive.

And the gift she is bringing to our country will be one of shattering barriers and bringing about real, honest, and positive change.

So. Yea. I’m with her. She won me over because she listened. She’ll keep me working by giving me a chance to tune in, listen to her, and stoke up. She has to remember , she was beaten down, but got back up — and she is now a champion. My champion.

A woman brings a fundamentally different set of ideas to the table — but she’s somehow figured out how to carry off the most progressive set of ideas and changes to our government in its entire history. I did the math. They all check out.

She’ll break through the glass ceiling. She’ll break my heart. But she’ll change the way Washington works. And after she’s done, it won’t be a place that ruins people — it will be a place that attracts the slightly nerdy, warm, dedicated, and well qualified — people like Hillary and Bernie deserve to have a country that welcomes them.

Her speech is one for the ages — it recounts the story of her convention, living each and every moment — and in true fashion, thanking each person in her own way for being there. The chants of “hillary” that went up from the floor were there to drown out the chants of “walk the walk”, by people like me.

I believe she’s talked the talk. I believe her speech and, moreover — the convention itself — was a coming together of the best of America, and it culminated in the nomination of the best qualified person for the Presidency of our country. But with 88 percent of all seats going up for grabs this November, I see it clear to support her — work for her — and bring to our country the revolution we need, peacefully — through voting and support of candidates that will follow the plans she’s laid out.

I noticed she likes to talk about her plans.

I like to listen to them.