The Beginning of Honesty

So, you may have guessed. Darkness.

But not because of absence of light.

Instead. Silence.



Still point. A placement of black upon black within black.

And then.

There was light.

And there were waves.

And particles.

And you.

You can remember this in deep pain. It returns.

The time you closed your eyes.

Make it stop. It burns.

Then, you were lying on a couch.

Looking into your lover’s eyes.

And she knew you.

And you knew her.

And nothing was spoken.

But everything was understood.

This is honesty.

And so it begins.

One spoken word.

One touch.

And the love that passes between.

Growing. Creating. Helping us to become strong.


Who we are.

The ocean is not far.

Two things.

The Ocean. You.

Hold in your hand, the power of the elements — earth, air, fire, water.

The esper moment passes.

And then cover it all in pain and roses and bandages.

And we sleep.

And we heal.

And we live to fight again.

And this time.

We will win.

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