Practice VS. Theory

School teaches us a great many things about how ‘the real world’ works. We are taught that different facets of companies follow internal sets of rules and are supposed to work like cogs in the larger machine. The idea is great. Really. But that’s the idealistic version. There are always problems while solving other problems. And most of the time communication is the culprit.

My first client project for the UX Design Immersive course has been a rocky road. After being assigned to my first client, my group was approached with a dilemma: one of us had to switch to a different group due to a forgotten client. I volunteered to join my partner in crime, Sara, to forge a new team.

The project was exciting. Full of complex information architecture problems and a host of fun work to do. Unfortunately, we were never actually given the software. I’ve been on the other side and know the difficulty of handing over sensitive information. NDA’s are a bitch.

Three days later, Sara and I were finally handed a new project. We have all the information we need and hope that this time we will get it right. Great learning experience so far. Sometimes you never know were communication was lost but it always leads to another bump in the road. All we can do is laugh it off and make the best damn product…only faster.

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