The Conference Call of Coffee

Coffee shops have transformed in the past couple decades. It’s become a social environment and a place considered ‘productive’ by young adults. But it is also a place where many people meet to conduct business, talk small details and make informal introductions. In the natural of business, many people have added coffee to the host of other gestures in which they treat clients and colleagues to make them feel at home. What if we could make that side of business more productive?

The app I concepted on aimed to capture the ‘gesture’ of taking a client out. It is essentially a conference call for ordering coffee. The host would download this app and invite clients and colleages to join their bill. The recipients would (upon opening) be given a link to a secure web page where they could order from the menu directly. The idea was that the host and clients could skip the line and order from their table immediately and the host would take care of the bill on their app.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the scope of this project and that it was only several days start to finish. The prototype I made has some functionality but doesn’t really capture the essence of what I was getting at. I wanted to make it stupid simple but unfortunately there is a large learning curve. Maybe through several iterations and helps from MY colleages I can get it to the point of a functional business tool.

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