7 Must-Have Resources for Ionic App Developers

An application is a conglomeration of an idea, requirement, manpower, technologies, and tools. The idea would help in manpower understand the requirement, and with the blend of tools & technologies, they will execute the idea into a virtual platform.

You might be using numerous resources for building apps out of which a few of them are listed and below, and I believe that these resources might be sufficient to craft an app.

If you find your preferred resources through which you would want to build an application, then you can approach a leading Ionic App Development Company that could use your preferred technology and implement your idea.

Let’s have a look at Must-Have Resources for building Applications Using Ionic:

1. Code Documentation

The code is an important part of your application development. You have to be extra cautious while writing app code. And, to maintain the quality of your code, you should always consider code documentation in place.

Compodoc, a documentation tool that generates static documentation of your application. The Compodoc is the best option to maintain your code’s vitality and quality.

2. Image Asset

An application is an asset that attracts investment, and that is the reason it should be built with precise information and understanding.

For building an application, it requires developers and designers. And, you can Hire Dedicated Ionic Developer to convert your idea into a virtual platform.

Talking about Image as a key factor, UnDraw is an app wherein you can find SVG icons that can be used for free.

Also, you can simply modify the color picker and change all the colors. Moreover, the designs will look as if the designers have crafted it with its prolific designing skills.

3. Dribble

Developing an app doesn’t only require a developer but also requires a designer too. And, easing their task by providing them advanced tools that could save their time and let them think something more creative.

Dribble is a website that allows you to look into the designs of other people across the globe and get an idea from it. There can be attractive color combinations, intuitive designs, and gluing effects that you can use to hold your customers to your platform.

4. Free Icons

Free Icons give you great entry and also can be used for free. There is a “Font Awesome” package that contains unlimited apps. There are a plethora of icons out which a few of them require paid version, but this paid version would be quite affordable than hiring designers.

5. Visual Studio Code

The best code editor is Visual Studio Code. This software is used by most of the developers in the IT field for developing an application. You can also have different IDE other than this, i.e., Atom, Sublime, Webstorm, or also VIM.

Everybody has their own set of tools to use, but there is one tool that every Ionic Developer should have in its favorites, i.e., Ionic Studio. It plays a significant role in building apps code.

6. Browser Tools & Ionic DevApp

There should be a separate debugging tool that should be in the developer’s toolkit, and that is, Browser Developer Tool.

It works very fine in any search engine. Be it Chrome Safari or any other engine; there is a menu that has developed tools that debugs your running Ionic application. You can also see the logs, set breakpoints in your code, and also they can inspect all elements with its attributes.

7. Git

There should always be version control, and the best version control, I would suggest, is GitHub. The GitHub is a free and open-source version control system that is developed to handle a project that is small and has very little scope to the projects that are very heavy and high projects with effective speed and efficiency.


Apart from those mentioned above, a few more tools and technologies could be helpful in building apps using Ionic.

One has to use trending tools to craft an app using highly-intuitive apps. I hope the above article suit you well and might help you understand the tools and technologies.

Ionic is the technology that develops apps using Objective C or Swift language.

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Hello, I’m Turner Bell and I have professionally 7+ years of experience in Mobile App Development.

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Turner Bell

Turner Bell

Hello, I’m Turner Bell and I have professionally 7+ years of experience in Mobile App Development.

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