This is black America’s chance to destroy the Confederacy once and for all... If that’s O.K. with you.

*This was written around the same date of the linked article (June 24th), however, a Medium publication never responded to my submission, I waited… no word. Tonight I cancelled that submission and released on my page. The following are strong opinions… our age of political correctness has me conditioned to be apologetic here. But the truth is, this is what I believe in that scolding hot moment of fed-upness. I don’t expect my opinions to be popular even amongst colleagues. Furthermore regarding the title I chose, I’m sticking with it… even though this is a task of nationwide unity. Just the same, I think the majority of black America would gladly lead the charge up that pole. (oh wait, that already happened since I wrote this.)

Expect to see plenty more of this from the black community. And yes, it is opportunistic and for all of the right reasons. While our contributions to this country have been glossed over in cultural education, or not at all, we have been forced to accept living under the shadow and remnants of the ideology of those who persecuted us simply because of the color of our skin. No one would expect a Jewish community to accept the ephemera of the Nazi’s in their everyday life, but that’s just what is expected of black people in America. For us, the experience of Slavery and (here in America) the Jim Crow Era where the confederate flag waved fire on our backs, is what we know to be our Genocide. And although that heinous relationship was not the flag’s intended purpose, it is surely what it became. That is Reality.

The only way black America has been able to advance is to generally keep our mouths shut over these matters. And while I can’t speak for every black family, many of us received a second education to feed, what my Third Great Uncle W.E.B. Du Bois called our Double Consciousness. In that second education, you heard the stories passed down of the horrors endured under the tyranny of that flag, its upholders and leaders, and how it still flew proudly in our Southern States. The Great Migration didn’t happen because we were bored. We knew that laws may change, but attitudes and treatment would remain the same. And while things have changed greatly, is it fair, is it just, that this flag is joyously worshiped?

This is the Second Civil Rights Era manifesting. Much like the first, it is born out of struggle and the desire to be free from that struggle. Together we will face our demons as a country. We will begin the hard work of dissolving the lasting effects of the Jim Crow Era — urban segregation began with The Great Migration, that manifests today in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, Mckinney, East New York, and many other cities and towns.

It was the forefather’s of black America that were the forced labor force of the Cotton Industry, the driving economic backbone of America and eventually uniting States, and the true reason for the Civil War. Our freedom was deemed pay enough while all the profits went to the 1% of that time. And that flag still gets to hang? Do us a favor, out of respect, tear down the vestiges of one of our country’s most shameful times.

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