Cleaning your fireplace is not complex — just involved. All you need is cleaning supplies, clothing you don’t mind discarding, equipment that cost as much as $200, and protection for your house. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

In this blog,read how to do it — and then why hiring a fireplace cleaning service might be wise.


Locate these things before you begin to clean your fireplace:

· Disposable clothes.

· Lots of old newspaper. Line the floor and the short sides of the fireplace to catch the debris. You’ll need a trash can.

· Buckets — metal (for chemicals) and plastic (for debris).

· A cheap painter’s drop cloth to protect the floor outside the fireplace.

· Rags and paper towels — have them on hand.

· Have a powerful flashlightto illuminate the area you are cleaning. You’ll be working “upside down” for part of this.

· Gloves — rubber, but leather or leather-lined gloves are recommended.

· Goggles, hair and face covering — keep soot or creosote out of your eyes, hair, and face.

· A wire hand brush — for reachable surfaces.

· A chimney brush. There are options of material, size, and shape. The most common is aspring wire bristle cleaning brush — about $30.Scrubbing soot and creosote takes the metal brush, more suitable where there is no liner. A poly brush is needed for a liner. Poly is more suitable for chimneys that change direction.

· Brushes are square, oval, rectangular, or circular, each with a purpose. Brush selection depends on the shape of the flue. They are available in five inch to one-foot sizes, and should be slightly wider than the diameter of the flue.

· Chimney brush handling — rope and/or piping sufficient to reach the entire length of your chimney. A rod kit to extend the brush is listed for about $65. Rope, of course, depends on the length you need. Complete cleaning kits range from $70 to $150, depending on the size and shape of your chimney.

· Finally, a chemical called trisodium phosphate (TSP). The brand name is Savogran and it’s available in one ($4) and 4.5 ($10) pound sizes. It’s toxic enough that you must pick it up at the home supply shops. A liquid substitute is available at Walmart for $11.

The Work

The bulk of the involvement lies in the preparation. The rest of it is labor intensive. All interior surfaces must be brushed.

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