The Sapien Zoo

A short fiction story about future humans being connected to AI, visiting past Homo Sapiens in the Sapien Zoo.

N.A. Turner
Oct 13, 2017 · 18 min read
Illustration by Jonat Deelstra.

Matilda was split between the people in the cage and the people looking at the cage, not really belonging to either one.

She sighed.

As they continued their way out of the park, the family encountered more of the other cultures, some calm and curious, some wild and furious.

Men and women with long dark hair and light brown skin were running towards them, spears in their hands. They all wore one or more feathers in their hair. One of them threw an arrow, luckily not aimed in their direction, it landed on the brick floor.

The banner signs read: We have gone too far. Let us start over. Let us be equal.

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