A couple years back:

I was sitting in a cafe. With my hubby. And my hubby’s piano sensei.

My hubby was trained as a classical performance pianist in the past. And it had been quite some time since he’d last met his most favored piano teacher.

So we were in…

I’m sitting in my studio right now.

And I don’t feel like doing anything. At all.

It’s been raining outside since yesterday. Non-stop. The weather’s cold. The sky’s grey. Could it be that Autumn is early this year?

Well, all I want to do right now is bundle myself up…

This question is typically followed by looks and gasps of astonishment when asked by American friends.

And it reminds me of a similar question asked by Canadian friends:

“Aurelia, you don’t watch hockey?!?”

And yet another similar question asked by South East Asian friends:

“Aurelia, you don’t watch Sepak Takraw?!?”

I’m looking outside my window right now.

Sitting in my home studio at Noble Bunny Manor. With the window open. I see the stretches of forest before me. I hear the birds singing. And see the squirrels climbing.

But I also see that it’s about to rain soon.

And that…


beautiful botanical border art and more masterpieces : https://turnip.co/ · https://turnipco.etsy.com

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