Following the activities and the presence of Turnkey Ledger in several latest events, we are delighted to announce new partnerships with three organizations; Liquid Exchange, KSi Malta, and Blackchain.

Liquid Exchange is the first regulated exchange headquartered in Japan with offices in Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines.

It aims to revolutionize banking and financial services through Blockchain technology with a highly sophisticated cryptocurrency trading platform supporting Fiat and other cryptocurrencies.

First, the partnership signed with Liquid Exchange allows our clients to access the Japanese market, which is very engaged in cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain domain, as it is one of…

The voting process is one of the most critical methods to assure equitable representation and equal voices when making decisions. As we enter the digital age, most of the people are keeping up with technology! We do our banking through mobile apps; we pay our bills, roll our vehicles, and connect with family and friends online.

We cannot vote online, though.

Voting security has been a heavily debated issue amongst a lot; everyone agrees that it is our priority to keep our elections as secure and transparent as possible. …

The largest gathering for local and international key players of the Digital space in Tunisia!

Nearly 1000 participants including entrepreneurs, decision-makers, well-established companies, governmental institutions, startups, academics and specialists in new technologies, gathered in Tunis on the 2nd and 3d of April 2019, during the third edition of “Tunisia Digital Summit 2019”. There were 60 speakers including Tunisian Head of Government, Youssef Chahed and the Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, Anouar Maarouf.

“Tunisia Digital Summit is a not-to-be-missed event for all players in the digital economy in Tunisia.” …

L’Association des Tunisiens des grandes écoles (ATUGE) is a non-profit association founded in 1990 at the initiative of Elyès Jouini to bring together Tunisians students and graduates of the leading French engineering and business schools. It is a wonderful human adventure of more than 25 years during which generations of Tunisians have shared a common dream, that of serving their country, thanks to their knowledge and skills.

The objectives of the association are:

Lead a network of members and develop, in a spirit of openness to others, the bonds of friendship and solidarity that run through it. …

We are finally set to make a grand announcement; We are very proud to be among the 100 most innovative and up-and-coming African startups in 2019 selected to be part of Africa Moves!

What is Africa Moves?
Africa Moves is the largest African event dedicated to Tech & Innovation that gathers 8.000 industry leaders, investors, startups and tech lovers from around Africa and the world to build relevant connections and interchange different ideas around technology alteration to rock the disruptive world.

Chosen Startups will exclusively earn several advantages, including exhibition booth, logistics expenses to attend Africa Moves events and investors…

After exchanging a series of emails for few months and meeting in Malta Blockchain Week Summit with Thomas Réveillon, associated partner at CHAINEUM, we are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with ICO Charter.

ICO charter is a charter that offers propositions for self-regulation rules for the ICO ecosystem.

In case you’re wondering what does ICO means, Initial Coin Offering or ICOs are a new way to fund projects through the sale of digital tokens, the cryptocurrency version of crowdfunding.

Though, before funding these projects, there are some points, or you may even call it some regulations that must…


Thank you for attending CryptoMondays AFRICA #1

Hopefully, you enjoyed the meetup and found it constructive.
Is was great getting to know each other and be in the same room with about 40 like-minded people for the first time in Africa.

During this first edition, we mainly spoke about Blockchain and Crypto in the general form, put ahead some casual definitions for those who do not know and came by curiosity, so that they can understand and get involved in the discussion right after, and it was a success since it’s all about the connecting, the learning, and the…

The 1st edition of the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit in November 2018 made a mammoth impression and achieved tremendous success; almost 8500 people attended the event.

The 2nd edition or what so-called the Spring edition took place on May 22nd-24th, 2019 in Malta, it attracted more than 5.500 visitors, 400 exhibitors, and 1500 investors, connecting the world’s leading minds in both Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain industries.

It represents a melting pot for worldwide influencers in technology, democracy promotion, civil society, and innovation.

It aims to promote the social impact in society through an open and decentralized ecosystem.

The Maltese…

SAIFI is the first African Islamic Fintech Summit opening the way between Islamic Fintech companies and the African financial institutions by hosting the proof of concept of some exciting new Islamic Fintech platforms.

It took place on the 16th of March in Tunisia, under the High Patronage of the Head of Tunisian Government & the Ministry of Development, Investment & International Cooperation. Where participants had the chance to be among the first to see some of these platforms demonstrated; they were also able to meet projects founders and learn about how to meet market needs in innovative ways.

In Africa…

Smart contracts

When we speak of cryptocurrencies, blockchains constitute a digital and distributed ledger that record monetary transactions. Apart from the fact that blockchains are decentralized and bear to process information faster than traditional ledger technologies, transmitting value with digital tokens is not that useful. That’s where smart contracts come in.

What are smart contracts?
First, a smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. They are stored on a public database on the blockchain and cannot be changed.
Second, the transactions that take action in a smart contract processed by the blockchain can be self-executed without a…

Turnkey Ledger

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