Where will TOP spend money?

It is very difficult to create a proper competition for Youtube. This requires a lot of resources, energy and money. Our goal is maximum. This goal is to make a revolution in the video industry.

Video hosting TOP certainly is a a very ambitious project. Accordingly, for its implementation, money is required. In this article, we would like to tell you how we’ll spend the money

-Purchase of expensive equipment. For a full value start-up of TOP video-hosting expensive network equipment (servers and data centers) is required. ·

-Development. Part of the funds collected during the ICO is necessary to compete with such a giant as YouTube, and also create a 100% decentralized platform.

-Marketing and PR. We clearly understand that competition is impossible without quality marketing and PR.Investments are necessary to attract bloggers from YouTube, conduct online and offline events and promotions. ·

-Salary. Developers, specialists of different scale and other personnel who are working on the implementation of this project and will also continue to work on its content and development needs to pay. and legal.

This is the minimum required for the implementation of this project and we hope that you will help us implement this project. Thank you.