Random Thoughts at 4am

Obinna Morton
Sep 14 · 4 min read
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I went to sleep at 11 hoping to take a nap but had a real sleep and woke up at 4:09am. Like the cleaning solution. Well, that’s okay, 5 hours, right? I can finish what I had started and just keep going. I don’t feel like writing it down here and just want to check it off.

Because I feel so behind.

So I wanted to share a few thoughts before I got started. This will be like me revving up. They are random and have nothing to do with anything. But that’s okay.

My Hacker Noon Submission

I’m submitting a post to Hacker Noon and I hope they accept it. It’s about cryptocurrencies. I like technology, actually and will republish posts I wrote on LinkedIn here.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

I didn’t have much traction on this platform, so I left. And I have people who are a part of my connected list who shitted on me — a client who made fun of my voice and was the image of a “strong woman” (in her opinion) I wasn’t; a man who I noticed made assumptions because of my look; another man who did the same thing.

This worked to my advantage some probably, but it still bothered me.

So I hope I can move forward from this and LinkedIn and then go back full force, no offense, but rising above them. Feel free to unfollow. A couple of people already have.

I need this. But the only way I can do this is to actually keep going and accomplish ALL of my goals. That will be good payback.

My Fast and Not-So-Furious Thoughts About Tiffany Haddish

Haaayyyyy! Image courtesy of Giphy.com

I observe how people react to her, that she is called a stereotype. Which she is. I don’t know why or what, but she is. Here is my take. I really admire her story and how far she’s come. It’s difficult being a black girl because you are still a girl among blacks, too.

This is what society ignores and bakes into my existence.

Seeing some of the comments on YouTube videos, I see some of the unspoken misogyny that can exist with a black person too. Both genders.

Like a YouTube comment that said she wasn’t funny and listed only male comedians as examples that are better, without listing a single woman. Of course, someone ‘checked’ the commenter with this.

(This maybe [unintentionally? intentionally?], shows that only the boys are good, like quoting only men on a Medium article, for example. Which is common 🙄. So I see the bind that she and Monique and any other woman comedian would be in because what I gather from a comment like this is that she is/I am just a girl, as Gwen Stefani once said. And really, I should say ‘black woman’ comedian because Amy Schumer who is a ‘white woman’ comedian is fine and better off no matter a person’s opinion of her.)

Regardless, I am inspired by Tiffany’s story 100%. I actually take this for myself. And she was even accepted to New York University, which by her “schtick”, you’d never know. And to my knowledge speaks at least one other language, too.

This Is What Happens When.

This is an unpopular opinion now. Again, feel free to unfollow.

Sometimes I find myself thinking, “Well that’s what you get. If she had been treated better then there would have been better results.”

If she had had a chance to be loved and protected like all little girls should, all little children — girls and boys — things maybe would have been better. So the expectation of more than was given is a little absurd.

So I become indifferent. I look at some of my experiences growing up and how they’ve shaped me. And how I am still trying to overcome them. I’d have a different perspective on certain things if my experiences didn’t sometimes clash...

I think if I’d had a better experience there would be a different result. Such is the case with her, I think.

This is all I can take from her at the moment, and compartmentalize my varied opinions. But there is good I can take.

Otherwise, this is it. Let me get started. I am awake now, and the sky is still dark. I need to establish routines for myself because this was not a good way to ‘go to bed.’ Accidentally. I am really tired from this week.

Thanks for listening.

Obinna Morton

P.S. Here is a comedian who I like who should get more buzz, Miss Shirlene. I rest my case with Tiffany. Here is Miss Shirlene.

“We sat and talked at the Sizzler and I saw that he had potential — potential to be a hindrance to my life.”

Obinna Morton

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