Step by Step: Relentless Optimism, or Nah?

Obinna Morton
Jul 16 · 3 min read
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First, I’ll say that there are a lot of writers that I follow. I try to read other people’s work and comment when the moods strikes, but generally speaking, always clap.

So I am inspired by a lot of writers and today I’d like to talk about perfection, striving for it while knowing that it’s elusive at best. But it is still always in sight and worthy of going after.

It’s inspired by this piece by Medium writer Valicia France.

The prompt was to write a post inspired by a story and then tag others. HANAはな tagged me via this post also.

So perfection?

I kind of keep this particular account curated and haven’t gotten up the gumption or feeling of security to talk about the different parts of my life that relate and don’t relate to writing.

So while I know people say to “share,” everyone has their boundaries and their time table. So I do what I can do from where I am right now.

I do a few different things, and the one I have shared on this account is work I do with Turns of Phrase, a copywriting business I started.

I want it to work pretty badly. I want the other areas of my life to work beyond badly too.

I fear sometimes that I will break if I fail. It’s frightening, this prospect.

It’s possible, too.

So I learned a phrase about a month ago, relentless optimism, from a person whose email list I subscribe to. I’ve started to practice this.

She referred to it in the context of pronoia, or “the principle that every person, place, thing, resource and atom in this Universe is collaborating and conspiring to bless you.” (Source: Tara Nicholle Nelson)

Pronoia: the principle that every person, place, thing, resource and atom in this Universe is collaborating and conspiring to bless you

I think that I will continue to strive for working toward everything working out. And my only option right now is to — since I have selected this path for now — put in my work and accept what feels like the difficulty of the journey.

I can still strive for perfection, but know that I can also put in the work I’ve planned to focusing on putting my best efforts forward. Even if it’s not perfect. And continue forward with this relentless optimism.

I can’t guarantee anything. But I’ve decided to put my efforts and perspective in what I believe is the right place. And use this platform to tell my story.

As I’m doing now…

So I’ll go from here.

Thanks for reading.

Obinna Morton

P.S. Thanks HANAはなfor the tag. And Craig Weldon I’m working on your tag next.

Other writers I have read and like:

Jane Eaton Hamilton Estacious(Charles White) Cynthia Marinakos Dean Rocheleau Jun Wu Noma Dek Ruth Stewart Sydel Brown Pooja Sawrikar Bill Myers Qoins Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

P.S.S. This list is short. As I start to feel comfortable tagging more people, it will probably grow.


Obinna Morton

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Writer-Entrepreneur * Owner of Turns of Phrase * * What’s your story?

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