6 Amazing Outdoor Activities to Do in Las Vegas

Imagine a person visiting Vegas for the outdoor activities. Strange, isn’t it? Yet, there are many outdoor things to do instead of getting wasted at nightclubs. Las Vegas Bus Tours can leave a long lasting impression on every visitor.. Here are the 6 amazing outdoor activities to do in Vegas Taking a Dive from Stratosphere Tower

A free-fall jump from the Stratosphere can leave you breathless. Try not to faint before touching the ground as the Stratosphere Tower is one of the tallest structures in the U.S. The tower is open daily and its ticket costs $110 for adults. The officials will give you a jumpsuit and safety lesson before you dive from the top.

1. Kayaking in the Colorado River

Kayaking can be a peaceful activity, far away from the flashy life of sin city. You can have a 40-minute tour around the beautiful dam at Colorado River, and explore it from top to bottom. There are many day tours for kayaking across river canyons. You can do kayaking and hiking on the same day at discounted rates. This activity is easier than hiking and cycling.

2. Cycling Around the Red Rock Canyon

You can rent a bicycle or a car at Red Rock Canyon colorful sandstones all over the area. They have a one-way shuttle service for visitors too. If you love nature, then this activity is definitely meant for you..

3. Skiing Near Mount Charleston

The meaning of the word Nevada is snow-covered, and it is true. The snow filled place is 30 minutes away from downtown Vegas. There are snow activities for travelers like snowboarding, sledding, and skiing. This ice resort is perfect for people of all ages, and it is at one of the highest peaks of Mount Charleston. There are chairlifts at this resort that can take visitors to different trail routes.

4. Flying in a Helicopter Over the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is the most famous attraction in Nevada. An aerial view can be a memorable experience for out-of-towners. Although the helicopter tour is a bit pricey (up to $300), it is worth checking out. Grand Canyon is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in the United States, and it offers a picturesque view of deep valleys and mountain gorges.. Apart from the scenic views, the canyon offers a number of tourist-friendly activities such as hiking, mule riding, and rafting.

5. Hopping on a Cruise on Lake Mead

Lake Mead is an oasis for tourists in the middle of the desert. During the dry months of summer, many visitors enjoy boating and swimming across this lake. The officials charge low prices for visitors who want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Lake Mead’s local cuisines are also a delight.

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