My Boss Cared More About Saving Money Than Saving Lives
Bradford Chase

I can totally relate to that situation, as I have also experienced it. I’ve been in a IT support position for around 5 years, and when I started we were 3 full time IT guys and one at 50%, then time passed and my collegue was laid off, so I had to take on full responsability. Then some more time passed, and then the person at 50% became a full time employee, good at least some more help. But then another one was laid off. So we were only 2, to make the work of 4 people, usual in a big multinational corporation. Then of course you they ask you to work more, to work even when you’re out of the office, during your holidays, and to even cancel your approved holidays at short notice. I declined to do that. So let some more time pass and that the first chance they had, I was laid off because of X or Y reason. So my poor boss which is a great person btw, was left alone to support 10 sites between 4 countries.

I still didn’t find another job, but when I decided not to let corporate greed dictate my life I made a choice and I stand by it.

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