Take Your Baikal and Shove It Up Your ASIC

ASICs are on the way; what does this mean for the TurtleCoin Network?

What is mining, and why do I need to prove my work?

TurtleCoin and other Proof-of-Work networks rely on miners to process transactions for the network and keep the blocks flowing. When a miner guesses the right number, a reward and fees are awarded, and the process starts again, but slightly more difficult each time as new miners join. This effort to process the transaction and receive the prize or “proof”, is the “work” involved in the term “Proof-of-Work”.

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Menk’s Ryzen 1800X & 1080ti TRTL Miner @ 1,500 H/s

What’s an ASIC, why is everyone suddenly an expert in algorithms, and best of all, why does this even matter? Slow and Steady, right?

Most of us on the TurtleCoin Network use CPUs and GPUs to mine, which means just about anything can mine a TurtleCoin or connect to a mining pool, whether it be an old laptop, a gaming computer, a fancy mining rig, or even a spare telephone (and our mobile miner, you know, actually mines stuff- who knew!). This also means if you get tired of TurtleCoin, you can go mine BoolBerry or Aeon or something else, without modifications to your hardware. TurtleCoin was made with this type of random CPU and GPU hardware in mind, because we want as many of the little guys as possible around the world, keeping the mining power evenly spread out on as many devices as possible so that there is not one single point of failure.

How does ASIC compare to CPU and GPU?

ASICs are just chips made to do a single purpose, meaning an ASIC chip is usually engineered for a certain algorithm, like Bitcoin’s SHA256, so if you get a Bitcoin ASIC miner and want to mine DASH later, it’s not going to work, you’re only going to be able to mine Bitcoin and maybe something else with the same SHA256 hashing algorithm.

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This is the spec sheet for the new Baikal Giant N

So what’s TurtleCoin’s official position on ASIC?

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Slow and steady. Whatever it takes. Every day.

Have a good week! Keep moving forward!

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