TURTLE FINANCE : Join us in the Third round of our Public BETA Test

What is Turtle Finance?

Turtle finance is a decentralized trading strategy platform that will be soon be deployed on the BSC and Heco Chains. Right now we are preparing to run our second round of tests where users that join the test will get tokens as airdrop rewards.

Continuing a Success Story

The second test phase of our BETA platform was a success, we opened 200 places for some investors to experience the Turtle Finance Platform first hand, but it was not enough. As many investors wanted to join but as places were limited, some were left out and did not have a chance to experience Turtle Finance.

That’s why, at everyone’s request and to further improve the platform’s functions, we decided to provide a third and final phase, but now with a greater amount of tokens available to be mined and distributed via AIRDROP to those who join our BETA platform. Below are the instructions on how to access the platform and how to be one more lucky person to be able to enjoy the power and ease that only Turtle Finance provides.

How the testing and airdrop will work

Main Details:

  • Participants:200+
  • Rewards: Airdrop / 15000 TRE Token
  • Duration:14 days, August 13th to August 27th
  • Starting Date: August 13th, 7PM (Singapore time)


  • Users will have to deposit the initial amount in the chosen coin pairs and start generating TRE rewards in line with their current revenue strategy.
  • Users can directly receive the TRE reward on the Dapp homepage (TRE Profit). During the Public Beta Test, the TRE obtained by the user through deposit is the test coin.
  • When the application is officially launched, a snapshot of the entire network address will be taken. The official TRE coins will be airdropped to the address 1V1 holding the TRE test coin.

How to use the platform?

After connecting the wallet to our platform (metamask for example), users will be able to use the trading strategy available in the platform as follows:

To access the platform use the following link https://tre.finance/app_beta_01/

You can also see the video we’ve prepared for you that teaches you how to use the platform.

Important notes:

  • During Beta Testing, the TRE obtained by the user through deposit is the test currency. When the app is officially launched, snapshots of the entire network address will be taken. The official currency of the TRE will be sent to the address 1V1 which contains the test currency of the TRE.
  • Each user’s input is REAL funds for transaction mining. During transaction mining, profit or loss will be generated according to the fluctuation of the price of the trading currency pair.
  • Beta testing supports BSC and Heco chains.
    During the Beta testing period, five trading pairs will be open and we will upload more after the official launch.
  • All assets need to be REMOVED before release of official version.
    If you find / have suggestions / ideas / bugs during the public beta test, you will be able to report them on a questionaire that will be sent in the of the test.
  • Also, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
    The right of final interpretation belongs to the part of the project.
  • Arbitrators play an essential role in maintaining the health of the entire ecosystem in DEX. Turtle financing can arbitrate between different DEXs.
  • Our road map was designed to make the most of the potential of our project, and we believe that our platform will soon conquer the space it deserves, come with us and enjoy while we are getting started, because the sooner we plant the seeds, the sooner the fruits arrive.
  • For more information you can join our official Telegram channel.

Follow us on social media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Turtle_Finance_
BETA Group: https://t.me/joinchat/L_ZSDd4r6kJmOWM1
Telegram: https://t.me/TurtleFinanceGroup
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TurtleFinance-107048071671000
Gitbook: https://bullmark.gitbook.io/turtle-finance/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/V7z2jR4E5g



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