Introducing feedly’s New Explore Experience
Eduardo Santos

I’m a daily user of Feedly, and while all this design looks great in general, my problems with the service aren’t in the UI. This feels like innovating for innovation’s sake. This might actually make me use the site less or switch completely, and that’s after migrating completely from Google Reader (where you guys were my port in a storm).

The present set of features are 95% perfect. Your designers might think the look is stale, but I don’t in the same way I don’t think the look of Reddit looks stale. If I wanted to re-skin it, I could get the equivalent of Reddit Enhancement Suite for Feedly but I don’t see the point because I’m not using Feedly for its beauty; I’m using it to consume content.

Why not improve what’s already there?

For navigation, I love the Vim-style keyboard shortcuts. For reading, I wouldn’t mind a Safari Reader Mode-style view. For sharing in the iOS app from the browser view, you could actually build a share-able title like you do directly from the page but that one is fine.

Whatever you choose to do, thank you for what you have done all this time. Feedly is and has been excellent.

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