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At 14, my boy petitioned the circuit court for a waiver on adult activities. He asked the judge for a judicial order declaring him a de facto adult, so he could buy liquor or get married, etc. The judge of course denied petition, but issued a court statement that he could not legally be declared an adult before 18, and then for specified activities 21, as there was no statute permitting such action.

This way, had he been arrested as a minor and the court then declared he would be “tried as an adult offender,” he would file a motion appealing to estopple (a jurisprudence axiom which does not permit mutually exclusive legal claims to be presented in the same court, even in separate cases), as the court had previously declared such action to be unsupported by statutory law.

Parents, teach your children about how the law works. Even good kids get in hot water sometimes. Don’t let them be ignorant AND young…it’s a bad combination.

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