OK, so maybe you’re not a coffee drinker.
Joe Borne

Count this:

And you keep coming back and giving me more data. You are a laboratory rat, producing predictable language in response to variable elucidation stimuli. Rarely do i get such a glut of data from a single subject, which supports my dissertation thesis 100%. Most racists like you get petulant and block me after 2 libtard lectures.

But now we have a new context, where ricky the rat knows he is being observed by the man in the White Coat. Will he still want the cheese badly enough to run tbrough the maze?

you know you do! You want that cheese..

cheese. cheeeeeseeeee.. come on, it’s killing you. go for it…

cheese. This time, maybe you can really get tbe cheese. it’s right there.

no, not there…there! c’mon…!

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