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He has been in the White House for nearly 5 months. I sde no job growth. He is building the military and dropping bombs though he said he would not. His National Security Adviser was a foreign agent. He is working hard to leave people uninsured and cut taxes for the 1% richest. He is dismantling the education system, wants to allow mining in the Grand Canyon, and while gangs are still a problem, thousands of people with famies have been deported, including mothers taken away from tbeir children.

No infrastructure,no jobs,no industries returning to open plants. Consumer protection is getting gutted, mandatory minimums are coming back in spite of baving been hugely failed as policy…

Has he done a single thing that is good? I don’t see it.

Sir, that line to give him a chance, don’t pre-judge — it’s obsolete. He had a chance. Now tbe pre-judge has become post-assessment. He really has done nothing of value

Can you please clarify another assertion? What “message of hate” are Dems spreading? I don’t hear hate. I’d sincerely appreciate a concrete example.


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