the average person’s living a short, nasty, brutish life, full of fear, anger, rage. Safety, opportunity, security — these don’t really exist outside isolated enclaves. Happiness, peace, kindness — do those really exist at all in America today, in a genuine sense?
The Last Five Years of the United States of America
umair haque

I feel pity for you if this is really your reality. It is not mine.

The daily news cycles, and this fucked up political situation are indeed systemic problems in the extreme. But to suggest — to believe? to experience? — life as short and brutish, with no happiness, no kindness…that is even more fucked up than the bullshit coming from the White House and Congress.

Sir., you are very intelligent, very insightful and articulate. And seem to never have learned to apply these gifts to the discovery of peace and kindness. Guess what? They are not to be found in the world, true enough.

They are found in your own heart and soul. Until you make that discovery, your world will remain dark and angry and fearsome.

You want kindness? Go now, right now, and be kind to somebody in a meaningful way.

If you cannot do this, or do not know how, your intellect is little more than an albatross around the neck of a sailor lost at sea…