you backed a weak, loser candidate who proceeded to lose. Trump is on you. It doesn’t take gall to blame this horrible thing you’ve done to the U.S. on those who got it right
The only reason we aren’t three months into a Democratic administration right now is that you…
Jeremy Riddle

I have a question about this:

Obviously, it is your view that Bernie would have won the general election had he been the candidate of the Dem party. Bernie is much more left/liberal than HRC, in fact is an outspoken Socialist (as am I). So my question is, how would Bernie have fared better than HRC in the general election, when he was much less appealing to center/right voters? How, then, could Bernie have attracted more voters than HRC? How does it work, in your view, that there were voters who chose Trump over HRC but who would have chosen Bernie over Trump?

You seem quite certain that you “got it right” and that Bernie would have won. I honestly don’t understand how things would have worked out that way. Can you please explain why you are so certain of this proposition?

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